The Little Red CoffeeVan

Little Red CoffeeVan:

Little Red is a 1969 Fisher Holivan Caravan, who in her youth lived a life touring the great British countryside.   Since 2017, having received a large dollop of TLC from our family and friends, she is touring again but this time serving up artisan barista coffee, marvellous milkshakes and handmade traybakes at weddings, family parties, corporate events, charity fundraisers and festivals.

We look forward to meeting you, please come and say hello (we are a friendly bunch) and enjoy some coffee and cake!

Weddings & Parties:

Getting hitched in 2019 or 2020?
Planning a mahoosive shindig for family and friends?

You have landed in the right place...

We can:

Coffee, Tea, Milkshakes & Traybakes:

Our coffee beans are sourced from a local independent specialist roaster, The House of Coffee.   Many an hour has been spent here both tasting and discussing coffee.   As we rather enjoy hanging out with Nick, the master roaster, our beans will no doubt be changing from time to time.

Little Red also serves up a mean brew.   Choose your perfect cuppa from a full range of teas including decaffeinated, herbal and organic.

Our milkshakes are made with ice cream and topped with squirty cream and a flake - what’s not to love?

Little Red’s traybakes are lovingly baked for us by a fabulous local baker, Victoria at Little Tring Cakes.   These scrumptious creations are the perfect match for a great cup of coffee and are freshly made to order with locally sourced ingredients and free range eggs.

We provide a range of non-dairy milks including soya, oat, coconut and rice.


Little Red’s environmental footprint is important to us so please feel welcome to bring along your own favorite cup; we will be more than happy to keep you topped up.

We use Vegware 100% compostable cups to serve our coffee and milkshakes.   Vegware products are produced using 81% less carbon than a standard coffee cup and are made from sustainably sourced or recycled card.   Our stirrers and bags are 100% compostable, and only paper straws are used in Little Red; straws are always offered but not routinely provided.

We serve our cakes simply, in paper bags, encouraging fingers not forks.

Little Red is powered by gas and her batteries are topped up by solar whilst out and about.   Our aim is for Little Red not to increase air pollution in the local environment.

Our coffee beans are provided to us by The House of Coffee, a local roaster, who work only with growers who adhere to strict levels of local legislation, good employment conditions, high levels of health and safety and on-going education.   The House of Coffee’s humanitarian ethos ensures we are supporting ethical businesses when buying their coffee.

Ideas on how to further lower Little Red’s impact on the environment are gratefully received; we strive to continuously move forward with a reduction of our footprint so new ideas are always welcomed.

To see our environmental statement, click HERE.



Added Extras:

Keep an eye out for us at your local events and, if you like, give us a follow.     

You won’t have to miss out on a coffee, cake or marvellous milkshake if you have no spare change; we welcome, for no extra charge, secure payment by card or contactless payment.

Hope to see you at your next day out.

Sarah and the Little Red Team

Nick at House of Coffee:
Victoria at Little Tring Cakes: